Ok Kanmani (OK Bangaram - Telugu Version)

ok kanmani (OK bangaram - telugu version)


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3.5 out of 5


The movie OK Kanmani is said to be a sequel to Mani Ratnam’s earlier Alaipayuthey (2000), which deals with the problems persisting in marital life. Earlier Mani’s Mouna Ragam (1986) dealt with the subject of a girl forced into arranged marriage by her parents, and the life thereafter of the couple. Both the movies were brilliantly dealt by Mani showcasing the sensitivity of every nuance in life. None can beat this master-storyteller indeed!

Now OK Kanmani is all about urban love story set in the backdrop of Mumbai. It is about people living independently away from home – free from all the rules and regulations of family. The film takes a look on the new generation, their attitudes, their values, their traditional beliefs and the conflicts thereof.


Ok Kanmani revolves around two different sets of characters, the discords, the understandings, and the changes that transform them. It, in fact, deals with the subject of live-in-relationships. Mani Ratnam has proved once again that he has mastered the art of storytelling on celluloid dealing with such sensitive subjects.

To get into the actual story, Dulquer and Nithya are ambitious individuals who want to go abroad and settle in life. They meet and fall in love. Without any commitments or promises they decide to live together. But they land at the crossroads of their life when the time comes to take a decision for them to continue their live-in-relationship via marital status. Would they get into wedlock or go their own ways as if nothing happened between them?

OK Kanmani examines the live-in relationship or pre-marital affairs between the youngsters which has been in vogue these days.

Nithya Menon rocked with her wonderful performance bringing in all the eeded sensitivity to the role. Dulquer Salmaan has performed with ease, as if the role was tailor-made for him. While Prakash Raj lifts the movie during the first half.

PC Sreeram’s camera work is splendid. Right from the word go and till to the end, PC Sreeram’s cinematography gives you a feeling of pleasantness. Mani Ratnam deftly handled the movie in his inimitable style.

AR Rahman’s composition fails to impress the audiences. Even background score was seen out of sync with the movie. Sadly, first half just drags while the second half brings the movie to life.

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